Our Manifesto


Animikii Theatre is a laboratory theatre company where trial and error, the push and pull of theatre-making, and not knowing the answer are accepted as necessary hurdles toward story-telling.


At Animikii, theatre-making is a process - waiting, watching and listening to what the answer could be. We are a company that searches, that desires to dream in a different way, that says ‘no’ to popular culture and theatrical commercialisation, insisting on time to consider and re-consider.


We are dedicated to building worlds that hold in a balance the supernatural and the natural, fantasy and reality, ancient and contemporary, the spiritual and the physical. The stories we make evoke characters and landscapes from forgotten times; times that are shrouded in myth and legend but serve to voice the modern struggle.


The power of our theatre and story-telling takes trust, a conviction for simplicity, and a sensitivity for detail. We make theatre that doesn’t place any form above the rest. All areas of expression are vital to our creativity: action, voice, and live music.

Animikii have designed a training programme within our work-centre at the Northern Theatre Laboratory, where the complexities of human behaviour are explored. The multi-layered training we have developed releases the actor’s total potential. This potential, no matter how fantastical or expressive, is instantly recognisable because it is deeply human. We cultivate an immediacy and freedom to connect and, above all, serve the story being told. We recognise the ego of the creative spirit and seek to inspire actors to draw the focus of the audience by connecting fully with their stage partners. We use the body to illuminate precise thought structures and imagination, to unveil a story and mine the mechanisms of theatre to reveal deeper human truths.


Our mission is to create work that doesn't set out to be ‘original’ or impress, but to seek depth of character, dramatic interaction and subtlety in its execution. Animikii Theatre focusses on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ and the potential of every moment, sidestepping stylistic persuasions or trends. 


Our work-centre at the Northern Theatre Laboratory becomes an indispensable base in our journey to find truth and reason in our creative life and realise our creative aims.


The training at the Northern Theatre Laboratory provides an opportunity to confront engrained habits and a committed space to liberate beyond social, cultural and personal restrictions. It brings about change within the mentality, patterns and approaches of each individual. Animikii’s training creates the adaptive and reactive performer by eradicating the time-lapse between impulse and reaction, thus removing the clutter of a ‘performance’. Our training can be categorised into four areas of interest: Expression, Ground & Air, Imagination, and Body Dynamics.


Animikii is its own research centre and, possibly uniquely, it provides a space where actor training is interrogated while it is applied. It draws inspiration from two codes of practice, Konstantin Stanislavski’s final stage of work, the method of physical action, and Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre’s artistic practice, specifically the period from 1962-71 when the company developed its ground-breaking training of body and voice and produced such seminal works as Akropolis, The Constant Prince and Apocalipsis cum Figuris. Building on such inspiration and working methods, Animikii restructures helpful tools of the actor’s expressive and imaginative system, exploring depth and meaning within each physical action. 


Animikii Theatre is NOT just a physical theatre company, it is a theatre laboratory searching for its own voice while collaborating with other art-forms, such as live music, to reshape and redefine its working aims. We want our actors to be brave wanderers who dare to dream and dare to venture, with the self-discipline of a warrior. They are the single villager with courage enough to enter the cave and take on the dragon. And they are the story-teller prepared to turn those stories into theatre. 


Animikii is a theatre company that aims never to play safe. Our vision is to offer all that comes from fearlessly being on the edge: new dreams and braver worlds.