[guest lab] The Moving Voice by Zoe Katsilerou


[guest lab] The Moving Voice by Zoe Katsilerou


 A two-evening Laboratory investigating relationships between text and choreography and the performative qualities that arise from this collaboration. Voice and movement, text as choreography, choreography as narrative.

We will work through play and pleasure. With exercises on technique, composition, improvisation and body narrative we will investigate the somatics of movement, voice and text. Participants will be given space and guidance to explore individual movement and voice qualities allowing for their body to reveal its own language and for the language to drop into their bodies.

Please, bring a piece of text of your choice, but do not memorise it.

Zoe is a dancer, singer, theatre maker and improviser. Associate with DUENDE, Sura Medura, SBC Theatre company, and founding member of ICEBERG, a group of international improvisers exploring the integration of disciplines within improvisation. Along her collaborations, Zoe works as a freelance performer and teacher, producing her own performances and workshops. Since 2015, she has taught in universities and other institutions such as the Psychophysical Centre for Performance at Huddersfield University, Oldham Campus University, University of Glasgow, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre. Zoe creates performances as a way of highlighting her observations of the world aiming to provoke discussions with her audience around politics, selfhood and community.

For more details visit zoekatsilerou.com


Price: £30

Location: Hope Aria Academy, Manchester.

Times: 6.30pm - 9pm

Dates: 9th & 10th April 2019

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