From April 2019 to October 2019 The Feral Project will research and develop an original play using the cross-art collaboration of live music and acting.

Over three, separate, week-long rehearsal periods Animikii Theatre and Vonnegut Collective will create an original play for the stage.

Kaspar Hauser, a feral-child of 19th century Germany, was revered and despised by the locals of the time and has been a much debated character by historians ever since his death. Focussing on the legitimacy of his 17-year captivity and the infamous events of his life after his first appearance, through to the puzzling nature of his untimely death, audiences will glimpse the fantastic life behind the eyes of a born enigma.

The legacy, identity, life and death of Kaspar Hauser will be brought to the stage with a new and distinctive combination of Vonnegut Collective’s improvisational music and Animikii Theatre’s expressive and embodied physicality.